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thorbuster41 I loved Float's last EP. I love this EP as well! I can't wait to hear more from the band! Keep up the good work! Favorite track: Surfeited.
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released April 20, 2016

All songs by float.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Will Yip at Studio 4.



all rights reserved


float Indianapolis, Indiana


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Track Name: Calming
gasp for breath of something calming
roam the land no ground discarded
close your eyes as we're departing
we'll be home soon

i never thought that when the light
it hit the room that you would shine
the way you do
i'm captivated by the view
Track Name: Surfeited
you never talked much
but always seemed to say enough
i never spoke up
blame it on my bad luck

you say i'm never on your mind
i'm like whatever that's fine
it's the same as last time

we only chalked out
to get to next year
i should've checked out
way before it got here

I never made sense
blame it on my conscience
you never talked much
but always seem to fuck up
Track Name: Overdozin'
have you had enough
i ask before it's apparent
before you're transparent
have you had enough
is this what you wanted
to try to get across
too bad there's nothing left at all
there's no one left to haunt

i'm so dead
i can't feel anything
i've lost feeling to everything
i'm fine overdosed on life

i can't remember
the vital things i'm told
before it seems so cold
guess i should've listened more
before you step in
and try and save a soul
just know i kept them all
and i never let them go

i'm fine.
Track Name: Higher Ground
it's over now and i
found my own way out
and i hope you find yours too
and i won't rely on you

maybe i'm just navigating my heart
to some much higher ground
lately i've been holding myself hostage
and i won't stand down

i'm lost at sea amongst
these waves that punish me
and i doubt you'll understand
why i did this to myself